About Caits Meissner

Poet, artist and cultural worker invested in the transformative, restorative and change-making capacities of imagination and creativity.

Caits Meissner is the author of the illustrated hybrid poetry book Let It Die Hungry (The Operating System, 2016). She's won some awards, been published in cool places, and likes to brag that even though she is now more into drawing and writing, about a million years ago (in 2010), she made an album and Erykah Badu called her blend of poetry and music, "Fresh, honest and loving," with "a delicate heart like mine." Caits was an integral team member in developing and implementing  arts programs for organizations such as Tribeca Film Institute, The Bronx Academy of Letters, Urban Arts Partnership, The Facing History School and The Lower Eastside Girls Club. She has facilitated, consulted, and co-created for 15 years across a vast spectrum of communities, with a special focus on imprisoned people, women and youth. She currently serves as the Program Director of Prison and Justice Writing at PEN America.  

You can read all the credentials at caitsmeissner.com.


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